Daniel Wedding

Rob and Pam Daniel were wed in Ireland a few weeks prior to these images being taken, and held a celebration in South Africa for their nearest and dearest who weren’t there for the main event.  It was a very beautiful day and a wonderful way to include family and friends from both homelands.  The reception was held at the Inanda Club and elements of the equestrian theme were carried through.  Here’s a collection from the Daniel Wedding Reception.

DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0043DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0001 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0002 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0004 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0005 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0006 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0007 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0008 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0009 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0010 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0013 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0015 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0017 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0018 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0020 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0021 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0024 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0026 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0027 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0029 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0031 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0034 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0035 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0038 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0039 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0040 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0042 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0043 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0044 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0045 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0046 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0047 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0048 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0049 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0053 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0056 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0061 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0063 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0074 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0075 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0078 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0079 DANIELwedding|NOV2015_0080

VENUE:  Inanda Club

HAIR & MAKE UP:  Erin Smylie

CATERING:  By Word of Mouth

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